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EXPLORE DREAM with Luxury Chartered Cruise.




◆Charter Fee  (up to 6 pax/4 hour)

Mon to Thu --------------- $750

Fri to Sun,PH-------------- $900


◆Additional Passenger (up to 4 pax)

Mon to Thu --------------- $100

Fri to Sun,PH-------------- $120


◆Extension charge (per hour)

Mon to Thu --------------- $150

Fri to Sun,PH-------------- $180


◆Total capacity

Max 10 guests (Depend on future situation)



Ice, 1 btl of water /pax

SUP(Stand Up Paddle board)

Floating Mat, Full face snorkel Mask,

Bluetooth Speaker, Karaoke system,

Cooler Box,Kids life jacket




Meal BBQ Set Meal by Yakiniku Jan JanMeat 250gJo Karubi(Beef Short Rib), Jo Rosu(Beef Chuck),Pork Belly, Sausage,Assorted Vegetables, Kimuchi, Namuru(BeanSprout)
Edamame or
other special meal order from our group of restaurantSushi, Jp bite, Chinese meal 

Highly popular recommended options

Other options can be added upon request


You can bring your own food & drinks


Free Fl
ow Drink (4 hour) -- $40
Soft drinks -------------- $3

Beer            -------------- $5
Bottled Wine-- ----------  $45~
Bottled Shochu ----------  $80~
Bottled Whiskey   ----- ----$120~
Bottled Champagne 
-- ----$160~
※Complimentary water, coffee and tea
Portable BBQ grill-------   $50 Fishing Tuckle  -------- $30

Let’s escape from buzzing life and feel the pleasant Sea breeze!

If you want to relax, explore and to see Singapore differently, head out with us on a charter cruise!  

Cruising to the Southern Islands of Singapore, you can enjoy water activities, BBQ and even KTV on board. Perfect for spending time with friends and family and even hosting guests!

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